«Ukrainian Systems Solar» LLC is a designer and producer of mounting constructions for solar PV panels. The products and services:


The company has a powerful engineering potential, which allows to design the mounting systems, calculate the strength of structures, taking into account the operational factors of external influence, inherent in a particular region.
At present, more than 18 Solar Power Plants construction projects in different regions of Ukraine have been implemented, with total installed capacity of more than 70 MWh. Also, the cooperation with customers from the EU and countries of North Africa is actively developing.

Limited Liability Company “Ukrainian Systems Solar” was founded in September of 2011. Its foundation has become a new stage in the development of “Soldi” group of companies, basing on the group’s previous experience in the sphere of production and sales of steel and aluminum products for various purposes. “Soldi Group” has more than 600 employees. The ownership of the companies includes more than 13,000 square meters of production premises, warehouses and office premises, 60 cars and commercial vehicles. The activities of the enterprise and its subdivisions are certified in ISO 9001 quality management system.
In its activity, “Ukrainian Systems Solar” is focused on the implementation of projects in the field of Solar Energy, in particular, industrial Solar Power Plants and large projects in industry, trade, logistics and others.

As part of the Soldi Group of Companies, US Solar LLC uses additional capabilities of the Group when implementing large projects. There are three key production units in “Soldi Group”:

  • production of metal and aluminum products;
  • metal-workingness;
  • anticorrosion coating.

Also, the company operates a testing laboratory, which is certified in the System of Independent Certification (SIC) in accordance with ISO/IEC 17025: 2005, Accreditation Certificate No. SIC 07.016 dated 25.02.2014, and in the system of Derzhspozhyvstandart (State Committee of Ukraine for Technical Regulation and Consumer Policy) of Ukraine, Certificate No. PT 4 / 13 of 04.01.2013.

Certificate of State Enterprise “UkrMetrTestStandart”
(Ukrainian Institute for Testing and Certification of Electrical Equipment)

Accreditation Certificate of “SIC”
(System of International Certification)

“Ukrainian Systems Solar” LLC provides a wide range of services, in frames of the Solar projects.

Preparatory works:

  • design of the electric connection diagrams for Solar PV panels and other components of a Solar Power Plant, basing on the customer’s technical task;
  • planning of Solar PV panels placement on a site;
  • adaptation of the structures to a specific site, design of static and/or tracking systems, according to the requirements of a particular project;
  • computer simulation with the creation of a 3D model of the first approximation for determining the sizes of the constructions and their elements, mass and number of its parts;
  • calculation of Solar mounting constructions, their strength and compliance with the loads specified in normative documents.
  • preparation of the necessary design documentation.

Assistance to clients in delivery and installation of Solar mounting constructions:

  • delivery of the products to the construction site;
  • assistance in installation works (chief installation);
  • provision of the instructions for installing/assembling for static solar constructions and solar tackers;
  • commissioning of the solar trackers;
  • providing a monitoring system for the trackers via the company’s web portal;
  • trainiang of the staff of a Solar Power Plant on maintenance of tracking equipment;
  • warranty and post-warranty servicing support.

In addition, the company provides services necessary for the implementation of Solar PV Projects, namely:

  • creation of the first concept for the constaruction of a Solar Power Plant (SPP);
  • assessment of annual power generation for SPPs and smaller particular Solar PV facilities;
  • geodetic and geological works;
  • preparation of the Project design documentation for construction of an SPP;
  • supply of the necessary equipment and materials.

Full range of construction works for Solar Power Plants, including:

  • preparatory works (planning of a construction site, making temporary roads), installation of a fence;
  • installation of solar mounting constructions, installation of the PV panels,
  • excavation works on a site;
  • electrical installation works;
  • installation of lightning protection systems;
  • installation of lighting, monitoring networks and CCTV;
  • construction of Solar Power Plants.

For the fulfillment of construction and installation works, the team of “USS” and its subcontractors are equipped with own cargo and special transport, mechanisms and tools, mobile housing modules and warehouses. We have the proper experienced and qualified personnel.
The company possesses all the necessary capabilities to implement Solar PV Projects, in particular, to provide highly qualitive and reliable solar mounting constructions.

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“USS” is a regular participant in many exhibitions, seminars and conferences, including international ones. In last years, “Ukrainian Systems Solar” LLC participated in such international and local exhibitions and forums, like INTERSOLAR (2015, 2016, 2017, Munich, Germany), RENSEF 2015 (Antalia, Turkey), SEF-2015 (Almaty, Kazakhstan), CISOLAR-2016 (Odesa, Ukraine).

We highly appreciate the opportunity to cooperate with you and we will do our utmost to establish productive and long-term relationships between us. We hope that our practical knowledge, experience and opportunities will be useful for you in implementing your Solar PV Projects.

              The team of “Ukrainian Systems Solar” LLC